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A mix between Siri and Google Now




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Sherpa is a virtual assistant along the lines of Siri or Google Now that allows you to ask all kinds of questions and receive fast, accurate answers each time.

Sherpa users can ask questions either by typing them in the text field or saying them aloud into the phone's microphone.

Sherpa will provide answers to questions like 'What time is it?' or 'Where is the nearest cinema?' In both cases, it will show you the Google results with the appropriate information. You can also ask more personal questions just for fun.

Among Sherpa's most interesting features is its ability to remember people. After a couple uses, you can ask it to 'call Mom,' for example, and it will.

In addition to all this, Sherpa will help you follow your favorite football or basketball teams and Formula One races to track results in real time.

Sherpa is an excellent assistant for Android. It not only has a good range of features but can run in several different languages as well.

Requires Android 2.2 or higher

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